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First laptop PC from XiaoMi

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Till now, XiaoMi has its own tablets pc, smart phones, TV set, and IoT devices, but there is not laptop PC from XiaoMi. Today, news from USA, the first laptop PC from XiaoMi will roll out in 2016. This XiaoMi Lapptop PC may be developed and supplied by Foxcnn.

In fact, from last year, there were a lot of news about this XiaoMi laptop PC. But CEO of XiaoMi denied the news. As news said, this XiaoMi laptop PC owns one 15.6 inch IPS screen, screen resolution is 1080P leve, CPU is the Intel Haswell I7 4500U processor. In meanwhile, it has two 8GB dual channel RAM, we have to say, the performance and configuration is really great. 

But it may be not a good idea to enter laptop PC business at this moment. From 2010 year, the demand of laptop pc was reduced greatly, even the latest Windows 10 operation system can not change the situation. Many well known laptop pc suppliers, like Lenovo and ASUS have to move to tablets and smart phone area. 

Though this new XiaoMi laptop PC is quite powerful, but we believe its price will be quite low. Will it save the laptop PC? We have to wait till 2016.