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Looking For Good Electric Guitar?

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A beginner might have a problem on what he should look for in an electric guitar. Before buying your electric guitar, test it through the same amplifier. When you are going to buy your electric guitar, use the same amp to test various electric guitar models. As there are so many amplifier types and as each of them has its sound, by testing different guitar models by one amplifier, you will be able to differentiate the guitar models, not the amplifiers. If speaking about guitars for beginners like at this website, many brands make the price cheaper by using cheap hardware. So, before purchasing the guitar you want, attentively test all of its hardware which is a very important thing to do. An Eyeball test can be also done before deciding on a specific guitar. By testing this you will be able to find whether the guitar has been stored properly since manufacture. To do this, place the guitar headstock near your eye and find out whether the neck is going to directly to the guitar body straightly. Check intonation of the guitar also by doing this steps: pluck open string and compare the tone with harmonic. There is a problem if they don't match. Look whether there is a warranty for the electric guitar as a solid guitar brands offer a good warranty.

When purchasing an electric guitar, its body style must be considered also. There are three basic body styles. They are solidbody, holllowbody and semihollow. Solidbody guitars are good for loud amplification and lots of effects. Semihollow bodies are suitable when more of acoustic sound with high amplification is needed. Hollowbody guitars will provide acoustic sound but can be prone to higher amplification level feedbacks. The wood type will affect the tone and the guitar weight in a natural way. However, it does not mean that expensive woods have better sounding.

Selecting the guitar neck depends on your hand size. They come in different shapes like C-shape, wide-thin, thin etc. Scale length affects the tonal quality of the produced notes and the tension of strings at a specific pitch. Scale length is the vibrating length of the string which is determined by the distance between bridge “saddle” ad the ‘nut’. Modern electric guitars have one of the most commonly used two scale lengths which are Gibson scale and the Fender scale.

Number of frets in your electric guitar also matters. Most of the electric guitars come with 22 frets and a 24-fret neck will provide a full octave above twelfth fret. According to http://bestguitaradviser.com/best-electric-guitar/under-1000/, for an electric guitar, the type of finish does not affect so much compared to the acoustic guitars. The guitar makers consider this when building and you do not have to worry about this matter so much. These are some of the facts you need to consider when purchasing an electric guitar as a beginner. By deciding on an electric guitar wisely, your money and effort will not get wasted.