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What are invisible dog fences?

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When you have a pet, you do a lot of shopping around for the perfect dog fence. For most people, they believe that the best dog fence is an invisible one. So, what is an invisible dog fence?  

An invisible dog fence is one that you can not see. It is designed to be set up around your home so that your dog cannot leave the yard. It doesn't alter your yard any and no one riding by will ever know that you have an invisible dog fence. To a person passing by, it will seem as though your dogs are running freely in your yard.

However, that is not the case. The invisible dog fence will allow the dogs to roam around freely in your yard as long as they don't cross that invisible line. Of course, your pet will not know where that line is until they have tried to cross it a time or two. Only then will your pet establish the fact that they can no longer go any future than that invisible fence.

This fence is designed to keep your pet contained without the hassle of having to put up a chain linked fence in your yard. It is great for people that are renting or live in a subdivision with regulations.

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