Cleaning & Maintaining Injectors

Do you clean and maintain your power stroke injector from time to time? This is as important as changing the oil and oil filters on regular intervals. If one fails to do this, the power stroke injector could become clogged and suffer, which will decrease flow in the rest of the engine and gradually damage fuel injectors. It is recommended to switch oil and oil filters every 16, 000 kilometers. Fuel filters for a power stroke injector need to be changed twice in that period. For more tips about injectors and pumps, you can visit

It's also important to note the Special Operating Conditions. These occur any time an automobile is used in extenuating circumstances that are not expected for traditional times of driving. These may range from the following: at least ten minutes in the vehicle remaining idle for each and every hour, frequent low speed operations, driving in sustained congested traffic at the slower rate than 25 mph, working in severe dust or off-road problems, towing trailers for more as compared to 1, 000 miles, Bio diesel engine use, or driving in severe temperatures.

As there are two different fuel filters to be aware of for the maintenance of power stroke injectors, it is highly recommended to switch both fuel filters simultaneously. Otherwise, one may lose track of which has to be changed at what time, potentially producing poor maintenance.

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