Company Registration made easy with electronic filing

New firm registration is an important step that will layout the structure of a business and make it an entity that has legal aspects. In this way, a business can start its operations. The new firm registration can be done in a manual way or in an electronic form by filing up required forms and then submitting the required documents with the compulsory charges to the Companies House. It is considered to be an authorized body. Electronic filing is quite a popular alternatives as it is free from any problems with respect to time and effort.

The Companies House gets electronic applications for the new firm registration with the authorized firm formation agents. The new firm registration includes deciding about the firm’s nature and the business structure. Various choices include getting a public limited or a private limited firm registered.

When the business structure is final, the next aspect is to decide a name that is best suited. You need to refrain from some terms like bank, building society, national, holdings and chambers of commerce. The basic documents like Memorandum and articles of association have to be systematically prepared.

The documents have got some rules and regulations that are related to the conduct of the firm with all the information regarding its directors and shareholders. You have to be aware about business registration in Singapore as this will you in a big way. 

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