Lose Your Cellulite with a High Protein Diet

Although high protein diets have received a lot of bad press, they are still the most effective tool if you are trying to understand how to lose cellulite. The key benefit here is that a high protein diet will allow you to get results a lot faster and will allow you to burn through all of your cellulite fat a lot faster because they force you to decrease your levels of fat promoting insulin. And being able to control the total production of insulin within your body is going to lead to a much higher degree of fat loss.

The sad news here is that there are a lot of drawbacks to high protein diets and you need to be well aware of them and have a strategy in place beforehand or you could end up suffering from a massive decrease in your metabolic rate. Even worse, if you do not implement your high protein diet with a very specific methodology you could end up suffering from an excessive loss of calcium. Now the first two things you have to do here before you focus on anything is to simply make sure that you are drinking massive amounts of water and supplementing with calcium when you are uncovering how to lose cellulite with a high protein diet.

If you do not focus on both calcium and water in parallel you will suffer from some nasty side effects when you start eating all that protein. Remember that eating all that protein is not good for your body because you will start to secrete a lot of excessive calcium and you will become dehydrated if you do not follow my advice. Now in addition to implementing your high protein meals you also need to make sure that you are doing a bare minimum amount of resistance exercise so that your body is forced to retain as much muscle mass as possible. If you are not retaining a large amount of muscle mass it will be much more difficult for you to effectively keep on getting rapid and consistent and permanent results.

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