Major Category Of Student Housing Is Residence Halls

One major section of student housing is the residence hall, sometimes called a dormitory or "dorm." These can be co-ed or separated in to female and male halls. They range in quality, style, and size, but have several features in common from school to school. Rooms are ordinarily small and come furnished, usually basically. It is not unusual for students to have or multiple roommates, but some rooms are singles. Others are arranged in "suites" with shared bathrooms and/or living areas for several pairs of pupils.

Frequently, there are shared bathrooms on each floor but some accommodations have individual bathrooms in each room. Dorms usually include common areas for study and relaxation on each floor, and often cafeterias as well. If you want to read more on it, then you can search on web.

The cost for student housing is separate from the cost of tuition and can get expensive, but lots of universities provide economical options. Depending on the college, residence halls might be available for all pupils. However, they are most often associated with freshmen. In fact, some institutions only provide them for freshmen. Lots of find living on-campus in a dormitory makes it simpler to meet new friends, for those students coming to a new school with new people, often far away from home. 

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