What Are the Best Banner Materials?

When a company chooses to order a banner it is very significant to think of the best material to put their message on. Grommets can also be added in order to ease the hanging of the banner. For large banners, there is a special mesh material which lets the wind to pass through. There are certain types that a banner material should have. They vary according to the purpose of the banner, its hanging place (outdoor or indoor banner) and its size.

When choosing a banner material one has to pay care to the following characteristics:

  1. Flexibility

Banners shouldn’t be folded but the flexibility of the material is very important. Vinyl is a very flexible material and that clarifies why it can be seen anywhere.
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  1. Smoothness

A very even surface prints better. This piece is only important for printed banners and not for decorated ones.

  1. Material thickness

Customers expect durability in the case of outdoor banners. For those, they need to choose a high-quality, heavy duty banner substrate. Heavier fabric is less likely to tear because of the wind.

  1. Opacity

Some companies have their banners printed on both sides. Opacity is that feature that doesn’t allow one sideĀ“s graphics to be visible on the other side.

  1. Hue

The color of the vinyl banner may vary from bluish white to yellowish white. For example, the bluish-white material is normally preferred for outdoor advertising.

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